Modern businesses are fast paced and there is cut-throat competition for resources and market shares. In order to keep up, businesses have to rely on new methods and technologies to outperform their competitors.

We are all aware of the Cloud-based data services. Colocation is the next step in restructuring your business to modernize it for changing times.

Understanding Colocation and Managed Colcoation

Basically, a colocation is a datacenter leasing out datacenter space, uninterrupted Electricity, around the year cooling and high-performance fiber-optic internet to other businesses.

The main idea behind colocation is to reduce the costs and expenses for client businesses. A modern managed colocation provides System administration, 24/7 monitoring with proactive response from third party, system backup/restore, physical hardware assistance, managed networking equipment that needed by business firms. Some colocations even provide networking support (configuration changes, monitoring logged errors, monitoring switches and routers) in addition to the space and resources needed by their clients.

A colocation datacenter like Nuday Networks can improve your business in three ways:

1.     Greater Reliability

Multi-homing gives a business the opportunity to stay operational 24/7/365.  Think of major businesses, when do these businesses close for the day and their employees go home? Never, adding a multi-homing design to your business will enable your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to be connected to the network and system anytime.

Multi-homed networks also enable you to make sure that a break down in one facility does not disrupt your operations. Many businesses rely on multi-homing their data servers and service centers to ensure that if one facility goes down for some reason, the supporting datacenters keep the operations running smoothly.

2.     Improved Performance

Multi-homing greatly improves the ability of your business to deliver products and services to your customers. When work is divided into multiple locations it can streamline your operations and improve the business performance by giving you the freedom to transfer work from one datacenter to another.

Colocation will allow your company to focus on its core business while letting your networking partners take care of the challenges of running the center.

If you are renting a facility, it is also easier to switch to a different location or simply closing the operation. Businesses sometimes find themselves stuck with a datacenter they have built from scratch because it costs more to close the operation than keep it going.

3.     Reduces Operational Costs

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose a colocation partner over building your own server room is the cost factor. Building a second facility with the uninterrupted Electricity, cooling, high performing internet connection, and security measures requires a major investment and commitment. This can tie up your business resources while also improving capital costs.

Expenses associated with updating and maintaining your own facility also drive up the expenses and should be considered.

Lastly, if you build your own server room, the business would need to recruit a whole new layer of administrative management support.

There is nothing that can make your customers lose confidence in your business more than crashed online services, unresponsive help centers or messages that your servers are down, your business can avoid all these issues with proper network structure and Multi-homed design in multiple colocation datacenters.

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