Colocation is a renting data centre facility that provides space for data servers and various computer hardware. The decision to manage your own IT frame is not peanuts. Distinction from the diverse options of colocation services can be overwhelming, which will hinder your company’s productivity.

For instance, let us discuss the distinction between managed colocation and traditional colocation.

Traditional colocation is a primitive service. Most of the time, the colocation provider has no responsibility for any support, maintenance or replacement of any devices inside the rack, the provider monitors the uptime of the datacenter but not the individual clients’ appliances.

You will be supplied the physical space, power required, cooling facilities, connectivity, recovery facilities and physical security. The customer responsibility includes the efficient contrivance of their IT infrastructure, which consists receiving and installing through the vendor. It also includes the attainment of the network connectivity and installment of cabinets or cages. One of the tedious responsibility is to monitor all your systems by yourself for 24x7x365, which is forever. The customer is solely responsible for their infrastructure’s maintenance and replacements for all devices.

Managed colocation provides you with the control according to your comfort with the additional benefit of a support team to zealously manage your IT infrastructure. It includes the physical space required. It provides the conditioned power to the cabinet or racks if necessary, also modular UPS systems are implemented to allow uninterruptable power flow. It offers controlled environment by fire-suppressing mechanism and redundant cooling systems.

Managed Colocation provides you with the around-the-clock support for the better care of your IT infrastructure and specializes in the optimization of IT resources. It establishes reliance by providing the assurance of not only the security but along the management of your IT environment so that your prime focus should be more on important tasks that will give rises to more revenue and better profits for your firm.

Although the descriptions of managed colocation and traditional colocation are providing the dichotomy, we need crystal clear comparison in both.

Most of the businesses prefer managed colocation to minimize the downtime, reduce the cost of commuting to the datacentre and being efficient by getting proper support from the NOC technicians.  It provides you with the desired control of your servers along with the support team’s assistance over it.

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