A Solution to Control Your Network Remotely

Controlling your network from a remote location has proved to be quite beneficial for a support team. Our service called “Smart Out of Band Solution” has made this possible. This is the ultimate solution of helping the support team to control their network from a different area. The key features of this system are mentioned in this article.

Smart Out of Band Solution will help to reduce downtime so that important services are available when they are most needed. Now, you don’t need to send your team to the location where the problem has occurred since you can solve the issues remotely. Moreover, you also don’t need to worry about spending time in travelling to the site since you can solve all your networking problems from a remote location.

Smart Out of Band Solution accommodates the needs of both small and large equipment sites by providing console servers and switched PDUs of different sizes. The large equipment sites have almost more than twenty devices which need console access and power reboot switching. The small equipment sites only have 7 or 8 devices for which they need console access and power switching. It serves the needs of both these sites.

Apart from providing remote network control, this service also supports different communication channels. You might face some problem while communicating to another networks, this solution ensures that the communication problems are limited. Different options for communication ensure that remote areas where network access is not that easy, find reliable channels to send and receive messages.

OBB makes sure that different sources of power are available at the remote sites. Some sites use DC power, while others might rely on AC power. This service can provide you both AC and DC powered PDUs, power control and console products. You just need to find the power requirements of your site and then you get that specific type of source.

The service also provides a solution to deal with unique stations. Sometimes console servers and switched PDUs are not the only solution and you might be presented with unexpected hurdles. Smart Out of Band Solution can provide tailored solutions according to the requirements of every application or industry.

Long-term warranties are important when you are dealing with console access and power reboot products. In case a component fails, the warranty ensures that a console server or a switched PDU will be repaired or exchanged. Smart Out of Band Solution provides warranty to ensure that the faulty products can be serviced or replaced.

Nowadays, remote network control is becoming increasingly popular and many large industries are in favor of this technology. OOB provides an unparalleled service when it comes to controlling your network from a remote site.

The good news is that we have added Smart Out of Band Solution to our colocation data center. We are the first Canadian colocation company to offer the complete solution to our customers, and our clients can now use OOB. Give us a call at +1-888-606-3080 and get more details about our Out Of Band Solutions.