There are two federal privacy laws in Canada i.e. the Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act PIPEDA Canada. The Privacy Act covers how personal information is handled within federal government departments and agencies. On the other hand, PIPEDA is about the federal law covering privacy in the private sector.

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What is PIPEDA Compliance?

The rules set by PIPEDA govern how the personal information in commercial activities will be collected, disclosed, or used. The rules apply to businesses throughout Canada to all organizations engaging in commercial activity. The rules also include the personal information of employees of federally-regulated businesses, such as banks, telecoms, and airline.

Of the organizations exempted from PIPEDA compliance are the charity and not-for-profit political parties, groups, and associations. The kind of activity matters, for instance, fundraising activity isn’t commercial but others might be.

As long as the personal information stays behind the national and provincial borders, there are other situations where an exemption might be in order. This is true in the cases of provinces that already have legislation substantially similar to the PIPEDA. A few examples of such provinces are Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec.

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