Nuday is a state-of-the-art boutique Datacenter located in the northern part of Toronto in the city of Markham.

Nuday is the first Toronto Data centre to take advantage of Toronto’s cold climate and implement innovative fresh air cooling. This technology is not only environmentally friendly but also has significantly improved the Power Usage Effectiveness of our Datacenter and allowed us to offer more cost-effective solutions to our clients.

What tasks are part of the remote hands service, and how much does it cost?
Hardware Maintenance
Power recycling and Restarting equipments
Performing a visual check
Changing a network port or devices
Replacing, plugging and unplugging a hard drive
Connecting, disconnecting and replacing USB drives
Simple network settings like IP assignments
New Hardware Install or Replacement
Shipping, Receiving and Storage
Clients can have equipment delivered directly to Nuday datacenter.


To ensure the security of the clients’ shipped equipment, Nuday requires the clients to provide notice of any inbound shipment to the datacenter.

Please fill out the form below if you have any questions regarding the shipping and receiving packages.

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Source: Nuday Networks
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